Join the Club
Getting a great education is key, but that doesn’t mean the other side of college life isn’t just as important. Columbus State students are actively involved across campus – and across the Central Ohio community, making friends, networking, building skills and discovering new interests.

We have 40+ active student clubs that represent a variety of activities and hobbies. And because our students have so many diverse interests and such a great entrepreneurial spirit, we make it easy to start new clubs, too.

Why should your brain have all the fun at college?
Just because you’re off to college doesn’t mean you have to leave your sport behind. Our innercollegiate athletic teams give every interested athlete a chance to continue playing and competing at the college level.

If you’re more of the “cheer from the bleachers” type, we’ve got you covered, too. Your student ID gets you into all of our sporting events free.

The College Vibe
When you step foot on Columbus State’s campus, you know you’re in college. From students studying on the lawn to demonstrations in the courtyard to skateboarders whizzing by and frisbees flying, you can feel the energy of a college campus.

Both our Columbus Campus and Delaware Campus offer many activities to participate in or attend, including plays, concerts, readings, lectures and more. The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL) also organizes days dedicated to just having fun, including Weeks of Welcome and our annual Spring Fling.

Check the campus calendar to see what’s coming up!

Expand Your World
Study Abroad Opportunities

Who knew being a community college student could take you across the globe? It’s true! Each year, Columbus State students travel the world through study abroad opportunities provide the chance to learn about living and conducting business in other cultures. Click below to view upcoming trips and see highlights of former study abroad.